The MOHJO Rule book contains all the important details of how we run the association, and describes the requirements for the Year End Awards. The Rule book generally follows the governing practices of our national bodies, but since there are some specific divisions and age groups that are not defined by USHJA, it's a good idea to be familiar with the MOHJO rules.

In addition, show managers should use the Rule book as the guide to determining which classes to offer that will provide MOHJO points for the competitors, and name classes accordingly.

You can download the the Official Rule Book here.

New in 2019

We hope all the MOHJO members, and anyone who competes in a MOHJO recognized show, will take the time to read the recently updated MOHJO rulebook. Here are the highlights of the additions and changes you will find:

New divisions recognized: we’ve added the following divisions for recognition with a Year End Award (page in the rule book with the class specifications)

  • Low Child/Adult Hunter: a 2’3” division for junior and amateur riders (page 11) Please note: Showing at 2’3” will trigger the loss of eligibility for the Short Stirrup Hunter and Equitation divisions.
  • MOHJO Equitation: a 2’6” equitation division for junior and amateur riders (page 14)
  • Beginner Rider Jumper: .65m to .7m division for junior and amateur riders (page 13)
  • MOHJO Mini Prix: 1.0m jumper class open to all horses and riders (page 13)

Children’s Hunter pony is included in the class specifications. Please note: As stated, while the course will not be adjusted for ponies in terms of the distance between fences, the fence heights will be appropriate to the size of the pony (generally 2’ for small, 2'3" for medium, 2’6” for large).

Long Stirrup can be offered in prize lists as Child and Adult (under/over 18) sections, and remain split as long as entries warrant. If Child and Adult sections need to be combined at any show, competitors would receive points in their age appropriate division.

The USHJA Tack Trunk Mini Medal will hold a Finals at/near the end of each show year at a regularly scheduled MOHJO rated show. Qualifiers for the Finals will be determined by points accumulated in the Tack Trunk Mini Medal classes held at MOHJO shows during the regular show year. Qualifiers will be invited to participate in the Finals for special recognition/prizes. In 2019, the Finals will be held at the September Happenstance Farms show.

Beginner Rider Jumper has been added to recognize the 2’ Jumper classes offered at many shows. While the division is called Beginner Rider, a Junior or Amateur can compete on any horse as long as the rider is not competing higher than .75m (2’ 5”) at the same show.

Intro Rider Jumper While the division is called Intro Rider, the division is open to any Junior or Amateur horse and rider combination that is not competing higher than 3’ at the same show. There is no restriction on the number the years the horse or rider may compete in this division.

Clarification: The Baby Green division is restricted to horses and ponies that have not previously shown over fences higher than 2’.

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