Q: I just checked the horse nomination list, and I don't see my horse(s) listed. Who should I contact?

     A: Send email to katieanich@gmail.com, so we can verify your nomination form and payments have been received.

Q: I don't see my name listed on the membership roll, and I'm sure I sent in my form. What should I do?

     A: Send email to katieanich@gmail.com, so we can verify your nomination form and payments have been received.

Q: I checked the Current Standings, and I don't see any points for the last show I competed in. How do I get that corrected?

      A: You can click on the Points Issue option in the menu bar of the Standings, fill in the form and click submit. The points secretary will be notified and will let you know if the Results have been received, and if you need to take any further action, or if she can resolve the issue with the information she has on hand.

Q: Do I need to be a MOHJO member to compete in a MOHJO rated shows?

     A: You don't need to be a member to compete in a MOHJO rated show! We welcome all competitors, although only members and nominated horses earn points at the show toward year end awards. If you are new to the St. Louis Metro, or to the Hunter/Jumper world, click here to see guidelines for how our local shows are run.

Q: I am leasing a horse for the show year. Can I nominate it for Hunter points even though the owner isn’t a MOHJO member?

     A: Yes you can. Just include the horse name and info on your membership form and pay the horse nomination fee.

Q: I have photos (or a prize list) I’d like MOHJO to share. How do I make this happen?

     A: Send the photos (prize list), or any other social media type requests to MOHJOsocialmediasec@gmail.com.

Q: I’m not sure how to complete my membership form: When is a member considered a professional?

     A: MOHJO complies with and defers to the rules of USHJA and USEF. In doing so we are proud to offer the opportunity for both professional and non-professional members to show in MOHJO rated classes, with the possibility of receiving year end awards.

     In order to make this distinction clear we follow the USEF description of what constitutes professional standing.

     The USEF rules state that if you receive remuneration for riding or exercising horses then you are considered a professional. Additionally, USEF rules define professionals as those who receive remuneration for acting as an agent in the sale or training of horses or ponies. This can be seen in its entirety in the USEF rule book at Chapter 13, GR1306.4

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